How to effectively remove chewing gum from car seats and upholstery

Taking care of the interior of our car is just as important as the exterior, since the mechanical part is responsible for moving us from one side to the other, but comfort is determined by the aspects that appear from the doors inward.

The cleanliness of the seats, upholstery, carpets and all the elements that are in the car will largely determine the feeling of pleasure that we experience behind the wheel, so when cleaning, special attention should be paid to this part of the interior. vehicle. .

Properly clean everything flawlessly. Nonetheless, From time to time, accidents can occur that compromise the integrity of items such as seats or upholstery.

If we spill a glass of soda, the chances of it infiltrating the seat structure increase if we don’t remove it in time. Currently, In addition to liquids, there is a solid element that creates real problems: chewing gum.

If you have children at home, chances are this has happened to you or could happen to you soon. The structure of chewing gum is really annoying after its ability to stick strongly to surfaces (tiring if it’s cloth), spread and form a hard layer after drying.

For this reason, learn how to remove chewing gum from upholstery and seats once and for all..

Ice is chewing gum’s worst enemy. If the gum is very stuck, rub the extension with an ice cube and wait for it to harden.. Once this happens, it will look like a ball-shaped stone that can be easily removed later with a spatula or an object that will allow you to uproot it.

Secondly, If the gum turned out to be completely militant, you can turn to nail polish remover. However, you must make sure that this does not damage the fabric of the seats. To do this, apply a little on the corner of the gum and see how it reacts.

If it is positive, use it directly, otherwise soak a cotton swab and then rub the chewing gum, then remove it and clean the remaining upholstery polish remover.

Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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