MG GT – a family car with a sporty design

Inspirado en el icónico MG B GT (1962)
Inspired by the iconic MG B GT (1962)Credits: Special

The new European version of the fastback (created at the London Center for Advanced Design) debuted at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show and since its official launch in November of the same year has gained popularity in international markets such as Asia, the Middle East. , South America, Mexico and soon Australia.

This is the second sedan to join the MG family in the country, with an excellent quality-to-performance ratio and a unique design experience; because it breaks the traditional boundaries of family cars with a new and bold line of sporty design aimed at a younger generation that wants to reflect independence, aspiration, passion and rebellion; the fruit of a bold mentality and spirit.

It has 3 versions ranging from MXN 399,900 to MXN 464,900, available in 5 colors, 1.5 turbocharged engine with 160 hp; the cabin has a PM2.5 air purification system, keyless entry (Smartkey), automatic windows, double-layer soundproof glass windshield, heated front seats, improving the space and comfort of the car. Find out more details.

Its performance is exceptional thanks to its diverse equipment and ideal weight-to-power ratio, and the fact that each of the body lines with which it was created contributes to aerodynamic efficiency, which reduces drag, reduces air noise at high speeds, as well as creates a laminar flow to make the vehicle efficient.

It is equipped with the MG PILOT intelligent driving assistance system, including: 360° system, cruise control, forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW), which not only fully meet the needs of consumers in intelligent driving, but and provide all-round driving safety. .

It is ideal for young people such as professionals, businessmen and/or university students who are looking for benefits in services, products and experiences. Find your nearest distributor.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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