Reasons why your car shakes when accelerating

A vehicle is like a human in terms of disease and mechanical problems.. If a person feels unwell or sick, it is almost always accompanied by symptoms that help decipher what is happening in his body.

In the vehicle section, the concept is almost the same as when something mechanically goes wrong, the car gives unmistakable signals that something out of the ordinary is going on.

It is jerks during acceleration that are a perfect example of something happening. However, this phenomenon is usually shared by several owners, so learn to identify why you experience it while driving.

The first thing to know is that the problem of jerking can occur in cars with a manual or automatic transmission, therefore, there are many reasons leading to this unevenness.

Why does my car jerk when accelerating?

The cause may be clogged or dirty air filters., as they protect the car engine from contaminants (dirt, debris, particles, etc.). Also, you may have internal combustion issues, so keep this part clean with proper maintenance.

damaged or broken fuel lines they cause bumps when accelerating and can even go to more dangerous levels, such as fires. If the fuel supply is not correct, there will be problems during acceleration.

BUT damaged carburetor It will not allow the car to perform optimally, as its main function is to mix and regulate the correct amount of fuel and air entering the engine’s cylinders to ensure adequate combustion of gasoline.

If he injection system, fuel tank or filters This is true contaminatedwe will also encounter this nasty unevenness while driving.

Other causes could be broken spark plugs, a clogged catalytic converter, a faulty or broken ignition system, a dead throttle cable, a faulty engine coil, misalignment, poor engine tuning, or powertrain stalling. In addition, there is another reason, which is usually quite common: synchronized driving skills.

Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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