How often should you change the oil in your car’s engine?

General vehicle maintenance is necessary to preserve all mechanical components and therefore extend its life as much as possible.

A car is an investment that people make that doesn’t end after they make a purchase. Keeping your vehicle in optimal technical condition will significantly reduce maintenance costs, and in the long run, this will prevent further costs due to a damaged or broken part.

Namely, one of the most important parts, weight and cost of the vehicle is the engine. A powertrain in excellent condition will make driving easier and less demanding on the rest of the vehicle.

One of the basic yet important keys to its good performance is proper and correct use of engine oil. All parts of the power unit must be lubricated for 100% trouble free operation.

Engine oil is on the list of essential maintenance products for the correct operation of the power unit. 1 credit

In addition, the oil helps to clean up impurities, dirt or particles that accumulate in the engine, and also maintains the optimum operating temperature of the power unit. Therefore, it is necessary to know how often your car’s engine oil should be changed..

All about changing engine oil

Still Engine oil is recommended to be changed every 5000 km, although this number of trips will depend on the type of car each person owns. In fact, different models can travel 8,000, 10,000 and even 15,000 kilometers.

Also consider the manufacturer’s recommendations, type of lubricant (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic), type of car (manual or automatic transmission) and age of the car.

Same way, It is necessary to be aware when checking the vehicle. This is to avoid damage to the power unit, oil leaks, or any damage that significantly affects and therefore the performance of the oil.

Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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