The identity of PRD and millions of people

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FROM Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador triumphed in 2018, PRD ceased to exist. I say that she left because today it is a political organization that has not defined what it considers the main subject of its life. An aspect of psychology in which the perception of continuity and coherence is used to refer to the self-referential dimension, i.e. “I”, “ego” or “I”.

This in human experience is fundamental, with greater depth of political representation and one of the most important aspects of social control in Mexico. Because, let’s be honest, in Latin America, politics determines our behavior in many ways, much more so than in other developed societies, where politicians and politics have set clear boundaries.

In the case of PRD, the problem of lack of identity is exemplary, because it is a typical behavior of millions of people, which helps to pinpoint our situation, but, above all, to anticipate what is coming.

Let’s establish the facts: DRP they’ve only had two presidential candidates in their entire history, Cuautemoc Cardenas and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The first identified the personality of full seats and empty ballot boxes, without much intellectual depth, with a weak leadership inherited from a true cacique, without a strong presence, but with a great flame of hope from people who so dreamed of their political growth. what they can really represent. This figure lived on until Andrés Manuel replaced him, then he changed his profile and therefore adapted his new identity to that defined by the new cacique with the experience he had gained at PRI. You already know this, so there is no need to define it. Except for the purpose of this column, which is to establish that once

Andres Manuel López Obrador left the PRD, she was left without a personality, and it became obvious what was going on inside.

A minority that has appropriated the bureaucracy and the shell, trying to use the only mechanism they have ever had: negotiations. Because this minority today does not have a structure, perhaps it once did, but all those who created it today are no longer in this party. Negotiations as an element with Calderón in the 2011 gubernatorial election were a mirror through which one could see, and the Pact for Mexico was the pinnacle.

Politically uneducated people, empiricists, administrators (unlike politicians), primarily without identity. It is because of the lack of training, character, political soul, experience and reasons. Well, nothing more and nothing less than what drives politics.

Today it is the PRD, a party that cannot define itself with these “cadres”, a party that calls itself leftist but does not identify itself with the left because its only paths were two characters that it no longer considers, Cuauhtemoc Cárdenas and Andres. Manuel López Obrador and those still inside cannot formulate an idea that identifies them with the population of the segment they claim to represent. Unfortunately, today very few respect him and trust him less, which is why López Obrador looks great and strong.

They told me that they once heard Jesús Ortega argue in front of several activists in his party that the caciques were not retreating, but that they should withdraw them. It is evident that they have already done this, but they did not realize that it is a shame, since today they have to hand over the registration and the remnants of that match to a new generation that has no turn to be attacked with an innovative idea about politics and how to counter the simulated left that rule us today. Because whoever in the 4T that the Federal Executive intends to keep in office, it is clear that he must face a new way of thinking, without these complexes and insistence on defining himself at the expense of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. What will happen this year or at the latest in 2024.

They have rethought Valentina Campa, the movements of the 68th, 71st, the communist leagues so much that, frankly, they have already become empty fillers that do not even define them, and, even worse, the population has already realized this.

It’s time to wake up, demand and make it clear to each of the political parties that we Mexicans deserve much more than what they offer us today, and that they realize once and for all that citizens are thinking and conscientious people.

And it’s not a question.



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