Problems that occur in your car due to poor tire condition

Progressive tire wear is a normal situation that occurs due to constant vehicle use and should not be a problem. However, from there Traveling with tires in poor condition is important.

To better understand the context, we can use Formula 1 as an example. Tires perform an important function for the good performance of a car, providing better traction than they are newer.

Circle after circle, drivers try to control degradation so that the car does not get out of balance. However, after a certain number of revolutions, replacement is inevitable.

The same thing happens with production car tires, certainly not at the same impressive rate as in Formula One, where tires wear out quickly due to speed and demand.

Tires wear out over time. This can take years, depending on the driving style of the owner.roads or highways used and frequency of use.

Whether you drive more miles or less, it will eventually come time to change your tires, although some people prefer to run their tires to the latest conditions without knowing what the consequences will be.

Malfunctions that may occur

suspension and dampers They can suffer as a result of poor tire condition due to excessive vehicle bounce, as the tires do not absorb bumps and bumps in the road as well as they should.

On the other hand, electronic systems become a potential “victim” of non-standard tires, as the wrong pressure is triggered. malfunctions of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) or the stability control system (ESP).

The vibrations created by the flat parts of the rubber also create suspension problems. Usually this is detected due to the mentioned vibration or grinding.

Finally, a really serious mistake is deformation of the brake discs due to high vibration, which of course is a delicate situation that leads to accidents on the road.

Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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