This is what a Toyota Corolla hydrogen engine sounds like

Toyota remains committed to future mobility with the goal of making it sustainable over the next few years. One alternative way to reduce carbon emissions is to use hydrogen as a fuel.

fair, the Asian brand is one of the pioneers in the sector self-propelled trucks, and even took a step to the next level a few months ago to bring this technology to trains, starting trials to achieve a 100% green transportation system.

Now, in 2021, the famous car manufacturer’s ruse has been exposed in a test it has run to demonstrate that an internal combustion engine vehicle can function perfectly using hydrogen fuel.replacing gasoline, which causes so much harm to the Earth.

Toyota test

Toyota made this possible thanks to a number of modifications that changed the fuel supply and injection systemsmaking a conventional internal combustion unit capable of ideally burning hydrogen instead of gasoline, minimizing environmental pollution as only oil consumption remains.

Team ORC ROOKIE Racing provided one of its Toyota Corollas for hydrogen fuel cell testing to prove the success of this bold change, but steady in its 1.6 liter three-cylinder engine used in really demanding competitions such as the Super Taikyu series in Japan.

“Except for burning a small amount of engine oil while driving, as is the case with gasoline engines, hydrogen engines do not emit CO2 during use,” Toyota reassured at the time, arguing that using competition cars was a great option for testing new technologies that would later be transferred to streetcars.

Finally, one of the things that caught our attention is sound made by Toyota Corolla Sport when burning hydrogenproviding a pleasant driving experience and conveying that adrenaline of speed that a traditional engine used to radiate.

Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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