The beautiful actress who won with Mario Almada left her career in Mexican cinema to become an athlete.

La actriz austriaca trabajó en México por muchos años
The Austrian actress worked in Mexico for many years.Credits: Special

Mario Almada He was one of the biggest stars in mexican cinemasince he was the maximum representative of “westerns” or cowboy films of domestic cinematography, one of them “Tunco Maclovio” in which he shared credits with a beautiful actress Barbara Angeli, nonetheless, who stood out in the industry in the early 1970s, decided to leave the big screen engage in other activities he even started playing sports, a passion for which he had a sad end.

Barbara Mueller, real name of the actress, born with her twin sister Angelicaat St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria, April 9, 1943. Both studied art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and then, in 1965, they moved to Mexico to take art classes. precolumbian art, however, they gave up that career to become models. The beauty of the future artist attracted the attention of film producers, who invited her to appear in various films.

Barbara Angeli was a model and actress in Mexico Photo: Special

Barbara Angeli worked with Mario Almada

Although she did not speak Spanish, the actress made her film debut in “love in the clouds”, since 1966, her voice was dubbed by another actress. Thus, the model, who started with the name Barbara Moone, and then changed her last name to Angeli, He excelled in Mexican cinema, managing to direct more than 20 films, including “Tunco Maklovio”one of the highlights of his short career in the entertainment industry.

In 1969, the director called the actress to him. Albert Marshal be part of this mexican western featuring Julius German, a Cine de Oro heartthrob that had a tragic end as well as Mario Almada, who has already made films in this style, most of them with his brother Fernando. While the actors played the roles of Maclovio Castro “El Tunco” and Juan Mariscal respectively, Angeli was Sara Montano.

For this tape Mario Almada there is one silver goddess in the nomination “Best co-lead actor”, and Aleman also received a statuette for the main role. For her part, Barbara was very popular and went on to make films like Heaven’s Gate, Night of a Thousand Cats, and Arde Baby Arde; Despite the fact that her career was on the rise, the actress decided to leave her career on the big screen to marry a Mexican businessman. Armando Alvarez, with whom he had two daughters, and later studied psychology and also played sports.

Barbara Angeli was Sara Montano. in “El tunco Maclovio” Photo: Special

Barbara Angeli died in an accident while playing sports

During the 1980s Barbara Angeli and her family, including her twin, moved to San Diego, California where both began to be interested in triathletes, so the sisters later formed a duet called “Twin Team”. In the 1990s, the former Mexican movie star broke up with a businessman and began an affair with Tom Warrenwho became the winnerl II Ironman triathlon (1979), a personality who shared his passion for the sport.

The love he had for the sport continued until he is 60 years oldsince even at this age he continued to play sports, but no one imagined that doing this activity i would take his life. August 23, 2008 Barbara Warren (last name taken from her then-husband), competed in a triathlon Saint Barbara, however, it was not like the previous ones as it suffered spectacular accident during the descent into bikewherein broken second cervical vertebra.

Barbara Angeli dies after being disconnected from a ventilator Photo: Special

The actress stayed paralyzednamely couldn’t move or speakand stayed in the hospital until August 26, 2008, the date she was disabled and died. According to the family’s statement to the newspaper San Diego Union Tribuneformer star of mexican westerns, manifested by blinking her desire to disconnect from fan, so his loved ones heeded the instruction, and that’s how he lost his life.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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