The Democratic Party retains control of the Senate for another two years

En la mañana de este sábado la demócrata se encontraba detrás Adam Laxalt
This Saturday morning, the Democrat stood behind Adam Laxalt.Credits: AP

Democratic Senator Katherine Cortes Masto was considered the winner of the state elections Snowfall in a victory that brought the Democrats under the control of the US Senate.

Cortes Masto defeated the Republican Adam Laxalt after a tough competition. On Saturday morning, he was still nearly 800 votes behind Laxalt, but by the end of the day he had overtaken him by nearly 5,000 votes, 481,661 to 476,679.

Cortes Mazo was the first elected Hispanic senator from a North American country.
PHOTO: Spec.

television networks NBCnews D CBSNews they announced the race around 9:18 pm ET. Cortes Masto, the nation’s first elected Hispanic senator, who won his first election in 2016 by just over 2 points, thus managed to overcome strong competition from Laxalt, the former state attorney general who was backed by the former president. donate to trump.

Nevada was seen as one of the Republicans’ best chances of gaining control of the Senate, especially after multiple polls showed Laxalt and Cortes Masto were within margin of error. Democrats now have 50 seats in the Senate.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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