In the Netherlands they are preparing an inexpensive electric car that does not need to be charged (photo)

The hood and roof of the Lightyear 2 electric car are covered with solar panels. In clear weather, they provide a power reserve of up to 70 km per day.

The new Lightyear 2 was announced at CES in Las Vegas. The Dutch startup’s second model will debut in 2025 and will cost less than 40,000 euros in the basic version. This was reported on the company’s official website.

Lightyear specializes in solar powered electric cars. The first production models Lightyear One are already on sale, but it turned out to be very expensive – its cost starts from 250,000 euros. Therefore, they decided to create a more affordable electric car that would be released in a limited series of 946 cars.

Early teasers show that the new Lightyear 2 is a D-class liftback with an aerodynamic design. The sloping roof, aerodynamically optimized sidewalls and wheels with special hubcaps made it possible to achieve a record low drag coefficient of 0.175.

Lightyear 2’s roof and hood are covered with solar panels. They provide a power reserve of up to 70 km on a clear day. In city use this is more than enough for daily driving, which means that the battery cannot be recharged.

The charge should be used in gloomy weather or on long trips. In this case, the range will be 800 km.

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Source: Focus


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