Named the world’s most popular crossovers for 2022

The Tesla Model Y took second place, but it came pretty close to the Toyota RAV4, which was the sales leader in 2022. 758,599 electric vehicles of this model were sold during the year.

Experts selected the world’s best-selling crossover models for 2022. While Toyota holds the lead, Tesla is slowly catching up with the Japanese brand. This was reported on the Focus2move website.

First place In the world ranking of the best-selling crossovers was the Toyota RAV4. In 2022, 871,513 vehicles of this model were sold, which is 13.7% less than in 2021.

second place In sales, Tesla received the Model Y electric crossover, with 758,599 cars of this model sold. The electric car managed to rise four places during the year, increasing its performance by 88.3%.

Honda CR-V found third place In global sales in 2022. During the year, 601,860 such crossovers were sold, which is 17.8% less than in 2021.

fourth position It ranked the Hyundai Tucson with 556,197 sales. fifth place It turned out to be Kia Sportage – 462,518 cars were sold.

sixth place In global sales in 2022, 438,123 Volkswagen Tiguan units were sold. in seventh position It’s a Mazda CX-5. 368,421 units of this model were sold during the year.

Toyota Highlander ranked in 2022 eighth place The model is on sale with 339,619 units sold. ninth position settled on the premium Mercedes-Benz GLC – 321,398 cars were sold.

top ten closes Nissan Qashqai. In 2022, 299,299 of these cars were sold, which is 11.1% less than the previous year.

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Source: Focus


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