Rare sports car Porsche 50 turned into an extraordinary tracked snowmobile (video)

The construction of a unique snowmobile took more than 18 months. It received a completely redesigned suspension and many other changes.

In Switzerland, an unusual tracked snowmobile based on the rare Porsche 356 sports car was spotted at the International Competition of Elegance.This is reported on the Motor1 website.

The Valkyrie Racing team is responsible for modifying the rare sports car. It belongs to car enthusiast Renee Brinkerhoff, who drives his car on an icy road.

Kieron Bradley, senior chassis engineer at Lotus, was involved in the development of an extraordinary sports car. It took more than 18 months to build the snowmobile.

Snow tracks were installed on the car, which replaced the rear wheels. A pair of skis was placed at the front, connected to the steering rack.

The suspension of the Porsche 356 has also been significantly redesigned, becoming noticeably higher and more powerful.

There is a safety cage inside. Increases body rigidity, protects driver and passenger.

After the changes, the weight of the car increased significantly. Therefore, the top speed is currently around 40 km/h.

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Source: Focus


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