King Charles III’s luxury SUV sold for the budget Skoda Fabia price (photo)

King Charles III drove a Land Rover Discovery when he was still a prince. The SUV has traveled 190,000 km, but is in pretty good condition.

In the UK, the 2007 Land Rover Discovery sold for £12,050 ($14,800) at Collecting Cars. The Skoda Fabia is an inconspicuous SUV for its price, previously King III. It has become a collector’s item as it belongs to Charles. This was reported on the auction house’s website.

Land Rover SUVs have always been popular with the British royal family. These are Queen II. It was one of Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip’s favorite cars.

Land Rover Discovery 3 was delivered to the Royal Garage on January 12, 2007. This is evidenced by preserved documents, including a letter written by the chief royal chauffeur to then-Prince Charles.

The SUV was operated quite actively – its mileage is almost 190,000 km. There are scratches on the hood and the rear brake light is broken.

But overall Prince Charles’ car is in good condition. Land Rover Discovery’s oil, filters, timing belt, parking brake and air suspension compressor have been changed.

King III. The interior is trimmed with expensive leather, and the equipment is quite rich – air conditioning, cruise control, parking sensors, sunroof, navigation, electric front and heated seats.

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Source: Focus


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