Drone will help start car when battery dies: Ford patents idea (photo)

The company plans to create a network of drones that will charge the batteries of cars standing in traffic jams and conduct a search.

According to the Ford Authority portal, Ford, one of the world’s largest automakers, has received a patent for an interesting service for recharging dead car batteries using drones.

The company applied for a patent with a similar idea in 2019, but the more recent patent was approved, published, and received the number 11614063.

According to the information obtained from the patent application, Ford plans to create a drone base. If their batteries suddenly die and cannot be charged, they will receive signals from Ford owners. The drone will fly and help charge the battery. This is very important, for example, in traffic jams where everyone is in a hurry, or in remote areas where you cannot rely on the assistance of the service.

UAVs will be launched not only from the base, but also from the company’s moving mission vehicles. Most interestingly, thanks to the data exchange with the machines’ computers, the drones will know the battery charge level and can fly to the potential “victim” if it is a critical value. ”, even when on the move. The app explains that the drones themselves can open the hood of the car and find the correct battery connectors.

But as experts point out, the existence of a patent does not guarantee that Ford will launch such a service. But it shows that the company is interested in the development of unmanned technologies.

Meanwhile, Ford isn’t the only company interested in charging cars using drones. Amazon also has its own patent for charging electric vehicles using drones.

Previously Focus He wrote that Ford had developed an unusual door design in the style of Rolls-Royce.

Source: Focus


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