Volkswagen plans to build a million electric vehicles this year

Stop developing next-generation internal combustion engines and focus even more on its commitment to electricity will be a fundamental part of Volkswagen’s plan for the future. So, he announced that he has set himself the goal of producing one million electrified cars a year in China from 2023.

The brand is mass-producing its next electric SUV, the Volkswagen ID.5 and its highest performing version, the ID.5 GTX, marking the next step in its “Accelerate” strategy with which it intends to drive the transition to electric mobility. .

The plant, which Volkswagen shares with China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co, will produce 300,000 electric vehicles a year, starting production in 2023, according to company CEO Ralf Brandstetter. All this together with two alliances, one with FAW Group and another with SAIC Motor, which should bring the total capacity to the 1 million mark.

“In the past, we have focused on development in Germany and localization in China, but this will change significantly as we create more local R&D resources, especially for software, to work faster and more independently in China,” Brandstetter said.

desire for change

Volkswagen’s work to electrify its operations has not been done overnight, as €1.2 billion has been invested over the past four years to adapt facilities to production.

To achieve the transition, the manufacturer has taken measures such as expanding workshops, constructing a new logistics building, facilities have been upgraded to Industry 4.0, and automation has been further enhanced with more intelligent robots and control systems. , which delivers components to the assembly line without human intervention.

Thus, the German manufacturer is attacking the entire electrified car market to influence and determine the future of the brand, which, like other companies, must strive for full electrification, knowing that by 2050 many industries will be carbon neutral.

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Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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