Benefits of driving a synchronous car in 2023

Technology is constantly evolving in today’s society. This causes devices, projects, vehicles and other sections to become more and more efficient, get more features and work in ways that previously seemed unthinkable.

The automotive sector has been undergoing this change for several years, for example, the only fuels that seemed to be able to power cars were gasoline and diesel, now electricity, gas and hydrogen have joined this category.

Autonomous driving too, now cars can start, drive, change lanes and even park themselves. In this order of ideas, the driving section has changed a lot, since nowadays almost all new cars are usually equipped with an automatic transmission, which makes it easier for the user to drive.

However, What about manual transmissions? Some people still like to ride this way, and it is, despite all the existing technologies, driving in this mode brings a number of advantages.

Benefits of synchronous transmission

The first thing he brings control, that is, the driver controls the situation, he must be ready to shift gears, and therefore the concentration while driving is maximum.

Listen carefully to the engine and know when shift up or down develops, so to speak, a “sixth sense” of driving, while in automatic mode it depends more on the computer and the maximum torque of the car.

On the other hand, as it turned out eri Insurance, Driving with a manual transmission reduces fuel consumptiona fundamental factor for several months in the United States due to the cost of refilling the gas tank.

The source cited states that fuel efficiency increases by 5-10%. In addition, following the economic theme, servicing a car with a synchronous gearbox is more profitable than with an automatic transmission.

Repairs to computers, electricity, technology, and all the components needed to make an automatic transmission work can be a significant expense, while a manual transmission is often simpler and the main source of problems is the clutch.

Finally, the choice of automatic or manual transmission is up to everyone. However, there is no doubt that the classic version continues to be a quality alternative.

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Author: Ronald Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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