Experts chose the best and worst colors for resale cars (photo)

Some body colors can greatly affect a car’s value in the secondary market. For example, gold cars are sold for an average of 25.9% less than their original price.

Experts have selected the best and worst car body colors for resale. On average, a used car loses 22.5% of its value after 3 years. This was reported on the iSeeCars website.

The study revealed that cars with certain exterior colors are sold faster and at a higher price on the secondary market. With the rest of the colors, the situation is reversed.

According to experts, cars with yellow body color lose only 13.5% of their average value. At the same time, gold cars are sold for 25.9% cheaper than their original price.

How cheap are cars of certain colors in the secondary market:

  1. Yellow cars – 13.5%.
  2. Beige cars – 17.8%.
  3. Orange cars – 18.4%.
  4. Green cars – 19.2%.
  5. Red cars – 20.6%.
  6. White cars – 21.9%.
  7. Blue cars – 22.0%.
  8. Gray cars – 22.5%.
  9. Purple cars – 22.7%.
  10. Silver cars – 23.2%.
  11. Black cars – 23.9%.
  12. Brown cars – 24.0%.
  13. Gold cars – 25.9%.

The most advantageous color is beige among pickup trucks, and brown among sedans. In the minivan segment, green cars are the most expensive.

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Source: Focus


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