The Chinese presented an inexpensive electric family car with a power reserve of 305 km (photo)

The Dana M1 electric minivan is based on the V1 minivan but has many differences. The interior provides plenty of space for passengers.

The SAIC Maxus range has been expanded with the electric minivan Dana M1. The new product will go on sale in the first half of 2024. This was reported on the CarNewsChina website.

The Dana M1 is based on the V1 electric van. The new minivan has a minimalist design with C-shaped front optics.

There are triple lights at the back. Each element performs its own function – headlights, turn signals and reverse gear.

The interior has a digital instrument panel and infotainment screen. There’s plenty of legroom, as well as a fold-out table for rear-row passengers.

The front seats are electrically adjustable. The floor of the minivan is wooden.

The new product will be available in four- or seven-seat versions. There will also be two wheelbase lengths to choose from.

Dana M1 is equipped with an electric motor producing 122 hp. It is powered by a 42 kWh battery. The power reserve is 305 km on the CLTC cycle.

The starting price of the minivan will be around 150,000 yuan ($20,500). Additionally, more expensive versions of the model will also be available.

Previously Focus He said China is preparing a new sports electric minivan, the Xpeng X9.

Source: Focus


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