Changes have been made to the Traffic Rules in Ukraine: what drivers need to know

Ukrainian traffic rules have been brought into line with European standards. The changes affected the rules regarding the transportation of children and the use of lighting devices.

The Council of Ministers made changes to the Traffic Rules today, October 20. Government representative in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnichuk reported this on Telegram.

According to him, the changes to Ukraine’s traffic rules are aimed at bringing them into line with European standards. It concerns the transportation of children and the use of lighting devices. In particular, the following innovations have been implemented:

  1. Low beam headlights or running lights must now be switched on during daylight hours outside populated areas all year round. Let us remember that until recently this requirement was valid only in the autumn-winter period. The fine for not turning on the dipped beam varies between 425 and 510 hryvnia.
  2. It is forbidden to transport children in the back seat of a motorcycle or moped.
  3. It is forbidden to transport children whose height is below 150 cm in a car without special restraint systems that allow them to be secured with a seat belt. Obviously we are talking about child seats or booster seats. If you carry a child without them, you will face a fine of between 510 and 850 hryvnia.
  4. The list of road signs indicating special places for stopping vehicles on motorways and highways has been clarified.

More information about the changes to Ukraine’s traffic rules and their entry into force will appear after the publication of the decision of the Council of Ministers.

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Source: Focus


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