Land Cruiser’s younger brother: Toyota is preparing a new compact SUV (photo)

The new frame SUV will be more compact than the Toyota Land Cruiser but will have a frame structure and all-wheel drive. Land Cruiser FJ could be available as early as 2024.

Toyota is developing a new compact SUV that could be the successor to the FJ Cruiser. The new product will have a retro design and four-wheel drive. This was reported on the HotCars website.

Toyota registered the Land Cruiser FJ trademark. That’s the name the new compact SUV could get.

Production of the Toyota FJ Cruiser will cease in 2023. The SUV was in great demand in the 2000s, but later the model lost its competitiveness.

The “little brother” of the Toyota Land Cruiser 250 first became known during the presentation of the model. Next, two silhouettes of yet-unknown SUVs were shown, one of which could be a successor to the FJ Cruiser.

Most likely, the new model will have a retro design and will be based on the frame platform. It will compete with the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender.

One of the features of the SUV may be the presence of an all-electric power plant. However, internal combustion engine versions will also be offered.

The new product is expected to be available no earlier than 2024. It could go into production in early 2025.

Previously Focus He said that the new premium model Toyota Crown Sedan was introduced in Japan.

Source: Focus


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