Ukraine received its thousandth Senator: what makes this armored vehicle special (photo, video)

The Senator armored car is produced by a Canadian company. Such vehicles are in service with soldiers of the State Border Guard Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Canadian company Roshel celebrated an important event – it delivered its thousandth Senator armored car to Ukraine. This was reported on the Defense Blog on December 21.

“Roshel achieved an extraordinary milestone by delivering the 1000th Roshel Senator armored vehicle to Ukraine ahead of schedule, strengthening its defense capabilities at critical times,” said Roman Shimonov, the company’s CEO.

The media noted that the Senator would be presented as an armored vehicle with “exceptional road characteristics” and good maneuverability. It has 400 horsepower.

“During 2022, a large number of new Senators were sent to Ukraine as part of the military assistance packages provided to the Ukrainian government during the Russian invasion. Some of them are currently actively deployed by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine” information in the publication They gave.

Journalists reported that the defenders “highly appreciated” these armored vehicles and used them in “some of the most difficult combat zones.” Senators in particular play an important role in the struggle in the south and east.

“The war in Ukraine was the first combat deployment that confirmed the vehicle’s capabilities in stressful operating conditions,” the media added.

Senator armored car: characteristics

Militarny explained that the Senator was created on the basis of a heavy truck from Ford. Experts seriously modernized the vehicle so that it could be used in front-line and front-line areas.

The senator’s ballistic protection can withstand 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm bullets at 695 m/s from 30 meters.

Mine protection can also be installed on armored vehicles. It can withstand the explosion of 6 kilograms of explosives and anti-tank mines at or below the wheels.

The Senator is equipped with an engine that provides “superior performance” off-road. 10 fully equipped military personnel can fit inside. The armored vehicle provides passengers with a high level of protection from explosive devices and enemy ambushes.

Let us also remind you that a unique unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacks the enemy every day with the help of attack drones. The enemy army called these drones “Baba Yaga”.

CAR experts reported that Russia has developed guided bombs. KABs received many additional elements, in particular the complex SMART navigation module.

Source: Focus


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