More than 25 cars collided: a large-scale accident occurred on a bridge in Lviv (photo, video)

27 vehicles collided due to worsening weather conditions. Traffic on the overpass is limited.

Today, March 21, three large-scale accidents occurred on the Sknilovsky Bridge in Lviv. In total, more than 25 cars collided and traffic on the bridge now became difficult. This was reported by the Patrol Police of the Lviv region.

The accident occurred in the morning in a small area on Gorodotska Street at the entrance to Lviv. Luckily, there was no loss of life. Police are at the scene. Traffic on the Sknilovsky Bridge is seriously difficult due to a significant number of damaged vehicles: only one of the six lanes is operational, and traffic there is regulated in reverse mode.

The cause of the accident in Lviv may have been dense fog. For this reason, visibility on the roads of the Lviv region has significantly worsened. Patrol police strongly recommend that drivers be careful, obey traffic rules and be sure to turn on dipped beams or fog lights.

Lvov Mayor Andrey Sadovyi later announced that 27 cars collided in the accident. The mayor of Lvov said, “You can avoid the accident via Koltsevaya and Aviatsionnaya Street. Public transport continued to operate on the normal route. Buses operate with delays along the Sknilovsky Bridge.”

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Source: Focus


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