Ukraine plans to toughen penalties for persistent traffic violations

In Ukraine, penalties can be imposed for three traffic violations within a year. Refusal to amend the legislation is currently being discussed by representatives of the police and relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada.

Ukrainian police propose to increase the liability of drivers who regularly violate traffic rules. This was stated at a round table by First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department Aleksey Biloshitsky, Ukrinform reports.

“We are increasingly faced with a situation where a certain category of vehicle drivers commits 20-25-30 violations per calendar year. This suggests that the currently existing liability does not apply to such violators,” said Alexey Biloshitsky.

He noted that the Patrol Police, the relevant law enforcement agencies and transport committees of the Verkhovna Rada and representatives of the public have begun to discuss changes to traffic rules. It was proposed to impose liability for the third violation of traffic rules within a year.

According to the Patrol Police, 6,475 traffic accidents were recorded in Ukraine for 4 months of 2024; This figure is 6% more than last year. 8,155 people were injured, which is 8% more than in the same period last year.

Most of the fatal and injured accidents occurred in the Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and Kiev regions. Half of traffic accidents in Ukraine occur due to excessive speed.

That is why the system of automatic recording of traffic violations has been re-established: 260 cameras are now operational, and from January to April, 1,376,779 speeding decisions were recorded in automatic mode.

Let us remind you that as of May 1, dipped beam headlights have become mandatory in Ukraine all year round outside the city.

Moreover Focus He told me that they plan to launch online vehicle registration in Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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