Fuel market and mobilization after May 18. Will women start driving fuel trucks?

The most talked about issue in the fuel market is what will be done to fuel tanker drivers after May 18, when the mobilization law comes into force.

No one will be released abroad without updated data, although it was previously possible through the Shlyakh system. In fact, some companies no longer send such drivers abroad because cases of drivers abandoning their vehicles and running away are more common. They said one of the transporters in Poland found 25 abandoned refrigerators. There are many fuel trucks there too…

An interesting picture also emerged among oil traders, where the majority of truck drivers were not registered. The irony of fate is that some gas station chains (actually scammers), very reputable at first glance, cannot book drivers because they pay salaries in cash and do not pass the “criticality” criteria of the Ministry of Economy. And I wrote about it, the curse of karma! And I think this criterion should be tightened because the driver of the oil/gas/bitumen tanker receives 30-80 thousand UAH per month. This is 12-32 thousand UAH personal income tax and combined social tax!

But the real problem is the drivers themselves. Some are afraid to update the data in the TTK, some do not want it to appear in the state databases at all. So the question here is: How will they work even without going abroad if they are stopped at a checkpoint sooner or later? Not to mention the familiar unloading/loading months.


Gasoline and medicine shortage. Tighter mobilization will also hit transportation. What should we prepare for as of May 18?

As for the “fuel crash”, nothing will happen. The share of gasoline and diesel imports by road reaches up to 15%, and this rate is easily covered by the railways.

A large share of liquefied gas accounts for a third of the market balance, but this is not a problem either. These are mostly supplied from Poland. I would like to remind you that we have been living without them for almost the last six months due to the quarantine, has anyone seen gas shortages or price increases?

Additionally, individual carriers who don’t chew snot and work and book drivers will continue to operate.

Therefore, the collapse and rise in prices are canceled. But something needs to be done about drivers. If we follow the logic of the snot chewers, it is actually necessary to create a caste of untouchables. But almost no one will do this, because the army really needs drivers.

A major gas station chain said they are seriously considering hiring female drivers. They also say that dealers of European truck manufacturers want to open the same courses.

Source: Focus


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