$300 thousand limousine and shuttle: Putin and Kim Jong-un exchanged valuable gifts (video)

Vladimir Putin gifted Kim Jong-un a limousine that will join the North Korean leader’s collection. The Korean received the previous gift during his visit to Vladivostok in the fall of 2023.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un received three gifts from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among them is the Russian-made Aurus Senat car, which will appear in North Korea’s garage alongside other expensive Western-made cars. Russian President’s Press Secretary Yuri Ushakov told the TASS agency about the gift exchange between the two politicians.

Ushakov said that in addition to the Aurus Senate, Kim Jong-un was also given an admiral’s dagger and a tea set. Putin also has gifts: several “works of art” with his image. The speaker did not say what kind of products these were. There are also no photos of the Russian dagger, tableware, or North Korean gifts.

The car gifted to Kim Jong-un was revealed in a video published by Reuters. In the footage, you see how Putin leaves the palace after the meeting and gets behind the wheel of the Aurus. The leader of North Korea sits next to him in the passenger seat. The images below show how a limousine is driving on the highway and a passenger is at the wheel, not the head of the Kremlin.

Aurus Senat is the most expensive Russian luxury car, costing approximately 275 thousand dollars (in 2019). The limousine was created in 2012 as part of the “Cortege” project: it was designed for Vladimir Putin’s trips. The Russian politician takes him with him on trips abroad: for example, to Helsinki, Geneva, etc. Gone. Russian media wrote that later even a hearse based on a limousine was created.

Meanwhile, BBC reminded that Kim Jong-un is a collector of expensive cars. In the collection of the leader of the communist country, Maybach, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Lexus especially attracted attention. He received the first Aurus Senate during a meeting in Vladivostok, after which several million artillery shells from North Korea went to the Russian Federation.

Let us also note that Putin visited North Korea on June 18-19. The Kremlin leader met with the North Korean leader and they signed a partnership agreement. According to the agreement, they promised to support each other in case of an attack. Cooperation will continue in the fields of defence, transportation and space.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted that the Russian president’s Asian tour began after his visit to China after taking office in May 2024. They suggested that the Russian Federation planned to unite countries that previously cooperated with the USSR. Together they could create a military alliance, an “alternative” NATO.

We would like to remind you that Vladimir Putin came to Vietnam on June 20 and started meeting with President To Lam. Before that, the Russian stated that this country has the “correct position” on the war in Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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