They looked “funny”: Bild made fun of Putin and Eun’s trip in a smuggled Mercedes (photo)

Bild journalists announced that the Russian President had to ride in an old German car produced ten years ago. He was also very close to Kim Jong-un and the unnamed translator.

North Korea illegally purchased a luxury Mercedes-Benz from abroad and used it for the needs of North Korea’s communist leader Kim Jong-un. Russian President Vladimir Putin got into an illegal car during his visit to Pyongyang. On the Bild Telegram channel, they explained why Putin and Kim Jong-un looked funny while walking around the capital of North Korea.

Bild journalists drew attention to the old car in which the leaders of the Russian Federation and North Korea greeted the people of Pyongyang on June 18. This is a Mercedes S-Klasse W221, produced in Germany from 2005 to 2013 (estimated price – about 25 thousand dollars). He could not enter North Korea legally because the country was under international sanctions. The note states that the car was hijacked and now the Russian leader is being driven around in this vehicle. The sliding roof could be used by three people at the same time and was both “majestic” and “funny”.

As can be seen from the images of the celebration, politicians decided to say hello to the people by waving Russian flags in the central square of the capital of North Korea. The first person to emerge from the opening in the cabin’s roof was Kim Jong-un. Vladimir Putin then stood up next to him. Then another person appeared; a translator who helps them communicate. Journalists said that all three had to fit into a space one and a half meters wide: they stood close to each other.

It was clearly difficult for both politicians to look out of the cockpit at the same time, the Bild note said. They were forced to hug each other, clearly showing their “strong friendship”. At first they waved their hands silently, but then they felt even more crowded when an interpreter joined them.

“The situation became even funnier when a third person, an interpreter, came out of a small hatch and helped the dictators make a few comments,” the journalists said.

Putin and Kim Jong-un – details

It is worth noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin spent June 18-19 in North Korea and met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un there. As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached on a strategic partnership and an agreement was reached that cooperation in military and other fields would continue. A spokesman for the Russian president said the politicians exchanged gifts. The North Korean leader was presented with an ultra-expensive Russian luxury car Aurus Senat, a dagger and a number of services. Putin – artistic products with his own image.

We remind you that the Russian President arrived in Vietnam on June 20 and, in his opinion, took the “correct” attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian war. Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) explained why Moscow has become more active in Asia over the past month.

Source: Focus


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