German official predicted protests and attempted coup in Germany

Photo: © Izvestia/Pavel Bednyakov

The tense situation in Germany could worsen by winter, leading to mass protests and possibly attempts to stage a coup d’état. Stefan Kramer, head of the Tyurin Office for the Protection of the Constitution, spoke about this in an interview for the ZDF TV channel.

“The experience of recent months shows a decrease in patience and an increase in aggressiveness among the population up to incitement to violence. Therefore, we must be prepared for the fact that such an emotional crisis will affect a significant part of the citizens”Kramer said.

He stressed that “pessimistic moods in society” are exacerbating the energy crisis, the food supply crisis and many other factors. This reduces the level of trust in the state and its political institutions, which, according to Kramer, is fraught with mass unrest and attempts to overthrow the government.

“We must assume that the protests of the population against the difficult situation of gas shortages, energy difficulties, supply disruptions, recession, unemployment and growing poverty are completely legitimate”Kramer emphasized.

Earlier, a resident of the German suburb of Frankfurt am Main spoke about his father, who lacks small payments even to go to the shower. It is also offensive that the social benefits that an elderly man receives are noticeably lower than those of migrants.

Energy crisis in Germany

Recall that the head of the Federal Grid Agency, Klaus Müller, recommended that the Germans save at least 20% of their total energy consumption. According to him, only in this way will it be possible to avoid a gas shortage by December. He also demanded to reduce gas exports to other states by 20%.

Germany fears skyrocketing prices for energy and key commodities could trigger large-scale protests in the fall and winter. The authorities note the growth of social tension and the rise of radical sentiments. Rallies are already actively held in Berlin, Saxony and Bavaria. At the same time, the authorities fear that things could reach serious unrest.

The situation with energy supply in Germany against the backdrop of reduced gas supplies from Russia is exceptionally serious. The corresponding statement was made by German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habek.



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