Luz Elena Gonzalez sighs in a flirtatious dance from the gym: VIDEO

Luz Elena Gonzalez has become the center of attention on social media in recent hours because posted a video on TikTok in which he pleased the disciples of his followers by performing a flirtatious dance in which she showed off her spectacular figure in a tracksuittherefore, the beloved actress, in addition to showing that she does not lose the sensuality that characterizes her for a moment, was also able to confirm why she is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, despite her 47 years of experience. experience, age.

As mentioned earlier, it is through the TikTok platform the beautiful actress from Guadalajara posted the above video, which had only the goal of making the student happy with his more than 850 thousand subscribers that he has on this social network, and for this was recorded in the gym after a workout to retain the impressive figure that has characterized her ever since her rise to fame.

As for the outfit Light Elena Gonzalez used, it was a gray sleeveless blouse, gray leggings that accentuated her curves and a pair of white low top sneakersHowever, what really caught our attention was a daring dance he performed to the rhythm of reggaeton, with which he left more than one with his mouth open thanks to her sensual hip movements.

The video of the former Luis Miguel did not go unnoticed by his subscribers, proof of this is that in a few minutes he managed to get thousands of likesAlso, as expected, compliments to the driver began to arrive in dozens thus confirming that he remains one of the most beloved figures of the Mexican public.

“Like the best wines”, “You are beautiful”, “Total chocolate”, “More every day”, “Always so beautiful” and “What a beautiful body” were some of the comments that can be read in the publication of Luz Elena Gonzalez. It is worth noting that the clip was also broadcast on various social networks of the actress, where, like on TikTok, it caused a stir among her subscribers.

Luz Elena Gonzalez knows how to keep thousands of his followers captive. Photo: IG: luzelenaglezz

Currently, Luz Elene Gonzalez is 47 years old and is experiencing one of the best moments of her life. Well, she found the perfect balance to be able to enjoy her family without neglecting her work plan, besides, she became a social media phenomenon where she stood out for her beauty, developed sense of fashion and her charisma.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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