The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate an additional 56 billion for preferential mortgages

Photo: © Izvestia/Alexander Kazakov

The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate additional funds to support mortgage programs – their amount will be more than 56 billion rubles. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, September 15.

“The government, on behalf of the president, continues to systematically support preferential mortgages,” he noted.

According to Mishustin, resources are allocated for the implementation of specialized programs, including in connection with the reduction of the rate to 7% per annum. As noted, most of the additional 56 billion rubles will be used to finance the preferential program. So, more than 16.5 billion will go to family mortgages and almost 5 billion – to the Far East.

The Prime Minister noted that such assistance will allow Russians to purchase new houses and apartments, while the construction industry will receive an additional impetus for the further development of their projects.

On September 7, it became known that the Russian government approved the parameters of the industrial mortgage program.



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