At least until the end of March: DTEK announces how long Ukrainians will sit without electricity

According to the company’s CEO, Sergey Kovalenko, there are two possible scenarios for the further development of events for the Ukrainian energy system. Both depend on the intensity of missile strikes against Ukraine.

Ukrainians will have to live with regular power cuts, at least until the end of March. This estimate was announced by YASNO CEO Sergey Kovalenko on his official Facebook page.

“Energy is now trying to complete the recovery before as much cold weather as possible, despite the bad weather. And although there are now fewer blackouts, I want everyone to understand: most likely Ukrainians will have to live in a power outage.” mod at least until the end of March, ”Kovalenko wrote.

Also, the CEO of YASNO predicted that the situation in the energy sector in Ukraine could develop further according to various scenarios.

First, if there is no new attack on the electricity grid, then under current electricity generation conditions, the power outage can be evenly distributed across the country. Power outages will occur in all parts of our country. But they will be smoother and shorter.

Secondly, if the power grid is severely damaged by the RF Armed Forces during missile attacks, not only hourly stabilization shutdowns will have to be used, but also emergency shutdowns, which may not be light for very long.

Recall that in the event of a prolonged power outage, 3 million people can be evacuated from Kiev. The Kyiv City State Administration announced that continued Russian attacks could disable the entire power supply system, causing the water supply to disappear and the sewer system to fail. However, today the situation is quite controllable.

Source: Focus


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