Novak said that the Russian Federation will sell oil only at market prices

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Vitaly Ankov

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak commented on the document adopted by the EU on the price ceiling for Russian oil. He noted that Moscow’s position on this issue is unchanged, and the introduction of such a restriction is a crude tool.

Recall that in the “Official Journal of the European Union” there was a decision to limit the price of oil from the Russian Federation. A number of countries are confident that they will buy Russian “black gold” at $60 per barrel.

“Moscow’s position on the price ceiling for Russian oil remains unchanged: it is a rough tool. Russia will only sell oil and oil products to countries that will work on market conditions, even if they have to cut production”Novak said.

However, many experts argue that Europe will harm itself more with its decision than the Russian Federation. About why the price ceiling for Russian oil is the collective suicide of the West – in a large material REN TV.

Earlier, the Kremlin reported that Russia would not accept the price ceiling set by the EU for Russian black gold. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov noted that at the moment the authorities are quickly analyzing the situation.

Also in Moscow, they said that by such an act the European Union “endangered” its energy security and will continue to live without Russian oil. According to Permanent Representative Mikhail Ulyanov, the Russian Federation has previously clearly indicated its position.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that our country would not act contrary to its interests, and those countries that would introduce a “price ceiling” would simply not sell oil.

On December 3, it became known that the G7 countries and Australia decided to set a limit of $60 per barrel of Russian oil. It is due to take effect December 5th.



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