Congresswoman from the US predicted the loss of the status of the dollar world currency

Photo: © REUTERS/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Photo: © REUTERS/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

The dollar is in danger of losing its status as a world currency, because Russia has proved to the whole world that it is possible to prosper without the American currency and without American friendship. This opinion was expressed by Congresswoman, Republican Marjorie Taylor Green.

“Because of our own self-confidence and the ‘struggle to save democracy’ in non-NATO Ukraine, Russia is proving to the world under heavy sanctions that they don’t need US dollars or friendship to trade and prosper., Green wrote on her Twitter.

According to a member of the House of Representatives, the war is most beneficial to China, which is forming new military and economic alliances with Russia, Iran and the countries that are members of OPEC. In this regard, she called on the US authorities to stop the Ukrainian conflict.

“China wants to become the ultimate militarily and economically superpower, and it may be too late to knock it off that trajectory,” he said. Green thinks.

And while China is developing and increasing its power, the United States is wasting resources, balancing on the brink of a third world war. Therefore, Green opposes every cent of aid to Ukraine, and also calls for an audit of the $113 billion that has already been sent to Kyiv.

Earlier, Congresswoman Green criticized the decision to provide tanks to Kyiv. Green emphasized that the American Congress serves the people of the United States, not Volodymyr Zelensky.

After the start of the Russian special operation to protect the Donbass, the collective West imposed large-scale sanctions. However, unilateral sanctions have turned against the United States and Europe themselves, and Russia has increased economic cooperation with China and African countries. The United States has already admitted that they are losing in the economic confrontation with the Russian Federation. Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon and retired US Army colonel Douglas McGregor believes that the United States underestimated the cohesion of the Russian people, Moscow’s immunity to Western sanctions, as well as its hidden military potential.

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