Compensation for destroyed housing: how do Ukrainians fix and implement damage?

If your private house or apartment in a high-rise building was bombed, you need to fix all the damage as soon as possible and apply for compensation from the state. But you have to do all this right by following certain algorithms.

The Russian invaders deprived many of our compatriots from their homes during their large-scale invasion of Ukraine, as civilians’ homes were destroyed during the conflict. Ukrainians can apply and receive compensation for destroyed housing. But according to the Ministry of Reintegration, for this it is very important to accurately record the fact that an apartment or house was destroyed.

How to fix residential demolition

It is stated that you can apply for compensation through the Center or notary public for the provision of administrative services or the Diya portal. To fix the destruction, you need:

  • take a quality photo or video, if possible turn on geolocation on your phone.
  • You have to report your location during the shoot. It is also important to announce the date, time, explain the details of the damage (if possible, record information from third parties that should be submitted first)
  • It is necessary to fix the destruction in close and small plans, to eliminate all external and internal damage. It is also necessary to indicate the nearby area and nearby objects.
  • Save the footage in its original form: graphic editors, captions, etc. without using it.
  • Make copies of footage and save them on different media: flash drive, file hosting, etc.

Compensation will not be paid in cash only

In January 2023, Deputy Elena Shulyak said that the owner of damaged housing can choose a certificate to purchase an apartment or invest in its construction, or funds to the account that can be used to purchase restoration work and building materials. to restore their dwellings.

According to the deputy, Ukrainians will choose a geographical location to use a housing certificate. The main indicator will be only the amount of funds – it will be comparable to the value of the destroyed property.

“So, if the cost of a demolished apartment in the Chernihiv region is similar to the cost of new housing in the Ternopil region, one can choose this region,” said Elena Shulyak.

Recall that in October 2022, it was learned that Ukrainians who lost their homes due to the war will be compensated for destroyed houses, but real estate purchased with this money cannot be resold indefinitely.

We also remember that, according to the report of the Kiev School of Economics (KSE), the amount of damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure as a result of a large-scale military invasion of Russia reached 137.8 billion dollars as of December 2022.

Source: Focus


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