Indexing of pensions 2023: which of the Ukrainians will increase payments (video)

Older Ukrainians who continue to work after their well-deserved rest will receive higher pensions. The increase in the monthly payment will depend on the salary of a working pensioner, as well as the length of the insurance period.

The indexation of pensions, scheduled for March 2023, provides an increase in payments to working retirees. This was expressed by the Minister of Social Policy, Daria Marchak, in the broadcast of the national telethon.

“The indexation of pensions is also provided for working retirees and those with a full insurance record,” he said.

According to Marchak, the government will spend tens of billions of hryvnia in 2023 on indexation of pensions.

Funds envisaged by the “Law on the State Budget” in the form of transfers from the state budget to the Pension Fund and indexation will be made within the framework of the Pension Fund’s own revenues from the United Social Center. Additive (ESC). Therefore, we are not talking about the need for an increase, which is additional expenditures from the state budget to the Pension Fund,” added Daria Marchak.

From 1 March, whose pensions will be recalculated?

It is known that the increase in payments will certainly affect the most vulnerable categories of Ukrainians receiving payments:

  • by disability;
  • by age;
  • by seniority:
  • on the loss of a livelihood.

The amount of minimum insurance payments will also be recalculated. This applies to:

  • Disabled Chernobyl
  • Liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The amount of payment for this category of citizens depends on the average salary for 2022. The average salary indicator for which insurance premiums were paid at the end of last year 13 387 UAH 48 kop.

Previously Focus He said that the payments to be made to Ukrainian pensioners within the scope of indexation will be increased by a maximum of 1.5 thousand hryvnia. We also recall that the legality of payments in Ukraine will be extensively checked. The Ministry of Finance has developed a new methodology for verifying pension contributions and accordingly pensions will be verified in the future.

Source: Focus


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