In Britain, they proposed arranging an “economic Ramstein” to support Ukraine.

A British MP said that the sanctions against Russia could not cause significant harm to the aggressor country to cease hostilities.

Ukraine needs to organize an “economic Rammstein” for financial aid, said Alicia Cairns, a British MP from the Conservative Party and chair of the House of Commons Foreign Relations Committee, The Guardian reported on May 1.

He named a measure for those fighting for Ukraine’s freedom: “The representative of the parliament reacted to a series of figures, which showed that there was not a very effective effect on the Russian economy. In his view, this is an “sign” of economic measures to the economic sectors of the Russian Federation. Need “Ramstein” to strengthen

“Obviously, we couldn’t sufficiently financially suppress Putin’s war machine,” Cairns said.

According to the British MP, it is necessary to deprive the head of the Kremlin from the opportunity to finance the attacks on the civilian population. He believes this can only be done if all the governments of other states are mobilized to coordinate economic and military actions.

Recall that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov reported the results of Ramstein-11. According to him, the German airbase is discussing not only the transfer of new weapons to Ukraine, but also the bringing to justice of Russians who committed crimes against the civilian population and the army in Ukraine. As you know, the eleventh meeting in Rammstein format took place on April 21.

Also, on April 21, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that more than $55 billion worth of weapons were transferred to Ukraine as part of the work of countries in the Ramstein format. According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the official Washington alone has provided over $35 billion in military aid to the Ukrainian military. He noted that the United States, along with its allies, is proud of the progress and actions in providing support to Ukraine in the various sectors that enable it to withstand aggressive pressure from Russia.

Source: Focus


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