A new station on the site of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station: when will it be built and how much will it cost

Experts interviewed focuswe believe that a new plant with a capacity of 1 GW will most likely be built on the site of Kakhovskaya HEPP, but such construction is only possible after the occupation of the area and if there are funds to finance it. scale project.

The Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, destroyed by the explosion, will not be restored, but a new station will be built in its place. Ihor Syrota, Managing Director of Ukrhidroenergo, announced this recently. “The nature of the damage we are seeing is such that the station is completely destroyed, it cannot be restored, we will have to build a new station after the occupation,” said Igor Sirota. According to that, The construction of a new hydroelectric power plant will take at least 5 years and the cost of such a project will be 1 billion dollars.

report focus experts say that it is possible to restore the destroyed hydroelectric power station, but this does not make much sense economically. Because the best option is to build a new hydroelectric power station.

“It makes no sense in terms of the restoration of the energy system, we have projects to increase the capacities of other power plants and build other new and modern capacities. The hydroelectric power station can be restored but if we are talking about the restoration of the area flooded by an explosion, it will be necessary to build hydraulic structures. “Here it is necessary to think not in terms of the needs of the energy system, but in terms of the restoration of areas flooded by the explosion of a hydroelectric power plant,” says Andrian Prokip, energy expert at the Ukrainian Energy Institute. future.

According to Vladimir Omelchenko, director of energy programs at the Razumkov Center, a new station will be built on the site of the Kakhovskaya HEPP. “Ukrhidroenergo engineers are already working on it so that it is a completely new project. “, – says Vladimir Omelchenko.

Experts estimate a new hydroelectric project at the site of the destroyed Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station at more than $ 1 billion.

“The cost of restoring the HEPP is difficult to estimate. For example, the restoration of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HEPP, which was destroyed in 2009, cost more than $1.25 billion. In our case, we can talk about 1.5 billion and more. However, in general, it is obvious that the dam and hydroelectric power plant need to be restored, otherwise we will not be able to maintain the necessary water balance in the affected areas.– says financial analyst Andriy Shevchishin.

“Building a modern 1.5 GW station could cost around 3-4 billion dollars. That’s a lot of work.. Now a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 1 GW costs about 2 billion dollars while being built. And if they rebuild the old hydroelectric power station, the costs will be higher.“, – said Yuri Korolchuk, expert of the Institute of Energy Strategies.

To remember Focus In the analytical article “HPP worth billions. What will happen to the energy sector without Kakhovskaya HEPP and whether it can be sustained”, it is examined what disastrous consequences are expected due to the collapse of Kakhovskaya HEPP and whether permanent power outages are possible in Ukraine. Because of the Russians undermining the HEPP.

Previously Focus He wrote that the Ukrenergo company, together with Ukrhidroenergo, is working on scenarios for a more balanced operation of the energy system, taking into account the consequences of the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HEPP.

As reported, the explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station by the invaders did not lead to emergency power outages, as well as fluctuations in the volume of electricity produced in the country, but depending on the situation, the situation could develop in different ways. flooding of areas due to damage to the hydroelectric power station.

Source: Focus


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