Cheap borscht: will Ukrainians see a reduction in the cost of borscht set?

According to experts, prices in 2022 should not be expected. Because the cost of growing vegetables has increased significantly.

The season of lowering vegetable prices in Ukraine begins. writes about it Focus “New Harvest, Disaster in Hydroelectric Power Plants and Tariffs. Will prices and products get cheaper in Ukraine?”

According to Denis Marchuk, chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agricultural Council, this is a period when the market is traditionally saturated with vegetables grown in open ground by households and farmers.

“This is also true for seeds, protection agents and fertilizers – the price of everything has gone up 35-40%,” Marchuk says.

But last year’s prices should not be expected. Because the cost of growing vegetables has increased significantly. For this reason, Vegetable prices for borscht, set for May 2023, increased. For example, the price of white cabbage doubled to 60.32 UAH/kg. Beets – up to 10.33 UAH/kg (+17.0%), onions – up to 67.92 UAH/kg (+19.5%), carrots – up to 64.87 UAH/kg (+34%) ,0 ), potatoes – no more than 12.35 UAH/kg (+26.1%). The reason is obvious – these are all vegetables from last year’s harvest, the stock of which was rapidly melting.

“Inflation can be slowed by the factor of traditional seasonal low prices for fruits and vegetables from the open space of our region. So borscht products, the price of traditional Ukrainian fruits will fall by 15-20%,” says economist Oleg Pendzin. .

At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Peasants’ Union, Ivan Tomich, says that a significant impact on the price situation in the fruit and vegetable market should not be expected in connection with the undermining of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. According to him, if we take into account the volumes of deliveries from the Kherson region last year, the prices for vegetables and watermelons may increase by 5-8%.

By the way, what should the overall inflation rate be in 2023? Focus In his new review, he analyzed “Expensive food. Will buckwheat become more expensive in Ukraine and what affects prices”

We also remember before Focus He explained how much the cost of utilities in Ukraine has changed. According to data from the State Statistics Service, the joint price increased by a total of 4.3% during the year (September 2022 – September 2021).

Source: Focus


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