Part of Kiev is de-energized: DTEK announces emergency cuts

About 100,000 household consumers were left without electricity due to a systemic accident in the capital. Emergency cuts were partially initiated in five districts of Kiev.

The energy of Kiev and the Kiev region was partially cut off. Emergency cuts were initiated in the region. This was reported by the press service of DTEK.

According to the company, emergency outages were initiated in Kiev and the Kiev region due to a systemic accident in the power system. They promised to provide additional information on when the power supply will resume.

“Emergency shutdowns are being carried out by order of the NPC Ukrenergo in parts of the Shevchenkovsky, Svyatoshinsky, Solomensky, Goloseevsky and Podolsky districts,” the publication says.

In the Buchansky district of the Kiev region, emergency power outages were also initiated, on the order of the NPC Ukrenergo.

What do they say in Ukrenergo?

Explaining that “There were difficulties in the work in the high voltage networks in the central region of NPC Ukrenergo,” the company officials added that they continue to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Therefore, the dispatch center of the company decided to resort to emergency shutdowns in Kiev and parts of the Kiev region.

It is reported that repair teams are currently trying to restore the power supply and will be additionally notified when everything is set.

Recall that after a major Russian attack on Ukrainian cities on the morning of June 20, residents of several districts of Kiev were without electricity for a while, difficulties were experienced in the supply of electricity in the districts: Podil, Obolon and partly in Troyeschina.

According to the Air Force, it was also reported that all UAVs were shot down during the drone attack on June 21: 6 attack and 4 reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Russian occupation forces.

Source: Focus


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