Calculated the number of unemployed in Ukraine: what kind of jobs can be found during the war

The State Employment Service says that the most needed specialists in the labor market are tractor drivers, drivers, turners and dealers, among others.

In Ukraine, the unemployed were officially registered in January-June of this year 346 thousand citizens. At the same time, multiple 445.3 thousand people. This was reported by the press service of the state structure.

It was noted that it was possible to find a job for 76.2 thousand people among registered unemployed

“In the first half of the year, 216.6 thousand Ukrainians received unemployment benefits,” the report says.

What is the current employment situation?

The State Employment Service says the trend continues as employers actively seek out skilled workers with tools and workers to maintain and operate equipment and machinery.


Prepare for the unemployed: to whom will companies refuse to lend?

The most demanded specialists in the labor market are:

  • tractor drivers;
  • drivers;
  • converters;
  • sellers;
  • cooks;
  • tailors;
  • locksmiths;
  • electric and gas welders.

What will happen to work after the war?

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine believes that even now our country needs specialists, especially in the medical and social fields. Given this, the government will increase the state order for the training of these specialists in educational institutions.

Moreover, the Cabinet believes that the restoration of Ukraine will be “the biggest project since the Second World War”. Therefore, some professions will be in very high demand. This applies to:

  • hunters;
  • builders

How much salary do Ukrainians get?

According to Olha Tarasevich, HR director of, for the first time after the war, salaries were raised for Ukrainians in February 2023. That is, employers revised the payments exactly one year after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. The size of the average salary increased by one thousand hryvnia: 15 thousand to 16 thousand.

The second time salaries were revised already in May – by 500 UAH. So, the average salary in Ukraine, according to the job search portal 16.5 thousand UAH

Wages became higher for low-skilled workers and startups. Rates sometimes increased by 20-30%, particularly in the north and south.

“This may indicate that employers are primarily concerned with the financial stability of a more vulnerable category of specialists – they have increased the income of startups and representatives of low-skilled positions,” Tarasevich said.

Meanwhile, the labor market in Ukraine has resumed – the number of offers from employers has returned to pre-war levels. Focus In his article “Earn a thousand dollars. How are salaries growing in Ukraine and who is looking for companies now,” he tells about what kinds of jobs are currently offered to citizens.

Source: Focus


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