Astarta paid UAH 1.13 billion taxes and duties in the first half of April 2023

For six months in 2023, UAH 1.13 billion taxes and duties were paid to the budgets of all regions to the Astarta agro-industrial holding.

Of the total of 654 million hryvnia, local budgets of regional communities were taken from the Ukrainian regions of Poltava, Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, Chernigiv and Kharkiv. And more than 472 million hryvnia was given up to the state budget.

– Payment of taxes is a public responsibility for our company. We believe that with such a ritual, we can support the defense of the state’s economy, the fulfillment of basic needs and the improvement of the stability of local communities, as well as the celebration of our land of success. Before a full-scale wartime, Zagalom raised over UAH 2.75 billion to the Astarta budget. – Appointment of co-owner Viktor Ivanchik, CEO of Astarti.

Astarta, together with Ukrainian and international partners, also continues the implementation of social initiatives within the framework of the humanitarian project “Common Help UA”. In the current year, the financial assessment of positive contributions to the project and humanitarian assistance has already exceeded UAH 754 million. Of these, 52.5 million UAH is devoted to the development of regional business in the communities where the company develops its activities.

Source: Focus


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