Parking in Kiev has become paid again: what drivers need to know

Parking in Kiev is paid only on weekdays from 8.00 to 22.00. Payment is accepted by bank transfer only.

From July 24, the parking fee is repaid in Kiev. It was reported on the official portal of Kiev that parking fees will resume in the capital.

You only have to pay for parking between 8.00 and 22.00 on weekdays. It is free at night and on weekends.

Parking fees in Kiev remained the same:

  • І region — 35 hryvnia per hour;
  • ІІ region — 25 hryvnia per hour;
  • III zone – 5 hryvnia per hour.

As before, you can only pay for parking in Kiev by bank transfer. If someone requests a cash payment, city officials are advised to call the police as this is illegal.

The ability to pay for parking is provided in the Kiev Digital application (here you can register several cars at once for one user), you can also use a bank card or Apple Pay or Google Pay applications.

Recall that parking in Kiev has been free since April 4. KSCA explained this with legal procedures regarding renewal of contracts.

Previously Focus reported that the capital’s public services initially taught “parking heroes” a lesson on sports cars.

We also wrote that a tow truck took an expensive Lamborghini supercar to the lien in Kiev.

Source: Focus


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