Poverty is already on the doorstep: Russians began to complain more often about low salaries

The economic situation in Russia continues to deteriorate, and ordinary Russians are already feeling it.

The large-scale invasion of Ukraine and unprecedented sanctions are accelerating inflation in Russia and affecting the financial well-being of ordinary Russians. At the same time, while officials continue to cheerfully report that everything is fine in the country, approximately 45 percent of citizens do not have enough wages to meet their basic needs. Doctor of Economic Sciences Igor Lipsits mentioned this in his comment on the Telegram channel “We can explain”.

According to a survey by a Russian job search portal, 45% of Russians stated that it is difficult to get by on a salary. According to the expert, all of this is due to the accelerating inflation in Russia.


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“Russians see a completely different price increase than what Rosstat and the Central Bank talk about. In stores the situation is completely different; they see how the basket is becoming more expensive. Not 6-7 percent, but tens of percent. Inflation will continue to accelerate, depleting the income of the population “, – said.

Russians are increasingly taking out cash loans in order to somehow cope with financial problems. But this doesn’t do them much good as loans drive people into debt.

“We see how debt obligations are growing; last year they increased by 2 trillion rubles, now they have reached 32 trillion. This is more than the country’s budget. Either you go bankrupt because you cannot pay the bank, or you tighten the debts” Buckle up and go out. I bought a TV, a refrigerator, you live in a mortgaged apartment – ​​but living from hand to mouth,” Lipsitz remarked.

The expert predicts that the wage level will not increase in Russia. The current strengthening of the ruble is unlikely to last long.

“The forecast is that the dollar will return to the 95-97 ruble range. There is not much inflow into the country for the ruble to strengthen significantly,” emphasized Igor Lipsits.


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Meanwhile, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said in a statement on October 24 that if international sanctions against Russia remain in force for another ten years, the authorities will not be against it. He believes that everything will be fine as the country has already adapted to all the restrictions.

It should be noted that, as Bloomberg journalists previously wrote, Russia became the leader in the pace of imposing sanctions restrictions 10 days after the entry of its army into Ukraine.

And by company

Consulting company for monitoring sanctions based on a global database.

“>Castellum.aiThanks to the United States and Ukraine’s European allies, since February 22, 2022, Russia has become the target of 2,778 new sanctions, currently their number exceeds 5,530.

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