There are 2,400 trucks in the queue: the State Border Guard Service spoke about the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border (video)

According to border services spokesman Andrei Demchenko, the largest concentration of trucks is in the area of ​​​​Shegini and Rava-Russkaya checkpoints.

The blockade of four checkpoints on the border between Poland and Ukraine by Polish protesters continues. Andrey Demchenko, representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU), spoke about this issue during a telethon held on December 2.

Demchenko noted that according to the Polish side, approximately 2,400 Ukrainian carriers were stuck at the Polish border. Most of the trucks gathered near the Shegini and Rava-Russkaya checkpoints. Yagodin and Krakovets checkpoints were also blocked.


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The border agency said, “We record that a certain number of trucks cross the border per day to leave Poland, and that the Polish side receives a certain number of trucks. However, there is no density like before November 6.”

As the speaker noted, while previously the Yagodin checkpoint could handle 1,200-1,300 trucks in both directions per day, after the border blockade, this number dropped to 150 vehicles.

As for the situation on the border with Slovakia, according to Demchenko, in the last 24 hours the Vyshnee Nemetske – Uzhgorod checkpoint has allowed in about 320 vehicles in both directions. According to him, currently about 600 trucks are waiting in line on the Slovak side of the border.

“We hope that the protesters will fulfill their promise to allow the passage of humanitarian aid and other important cargo,” the speaker added.

Let’s remember, on December 1, Human Rights Commissioner Dmitry Lubinets said that he met with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and his Polish counterpart Marcin Wieczek regarding the border blockade.

In turn, the press service of the Ministry of Reconstruction reported on December 1 that an agreement was reached with the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure on measures to partially lift the border. They specifically discussed opening the Ugrinov-Dolgobychuv checkpoint for the passage of empty trucks.

Source: Focus


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