Reservations in the amount of 20 thousand UAH per month: all businesses in Ukraine will be able to reserve staff – media

The Rada proposes a monthly payment for the reservations of those responsible for military service. According to journalists, the company will be able to independently choose which employees it wants to hire.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine are proposing a monthly payment that would guarantee the postponement of mobilization for various categories of workers. Forbes writes about this.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Economic Committee have been working for several weeks on a new bill that would change the employee reservation process.

They propose to abandon the connection with the amount of wages and personal income tax or combined social tax deductions and create a fixed monthly payment; The company will then be able to book an employee regardless of their position. The main condition is that the company must work “white” and pay taxes to the budget.


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According to the bill, a flat rate of UAH 20,000 (for each employee) is added to the military wage of 1.5% for each person booked.

The chairman of the economic committee and co-author explained the change in concept: “The setting of any criteria regarding wages will be perceived by society as division into classes. The enterprise can independently choose which employee it wants to hire.” bill, Dmitry Natalukha.

According to the people’s deputy, under different scenarios, a fixed rate for reservations could increase from 18 billion to 155 billion hryvnia per year.

Referring to the bill, Forbes writes that currently 538 thousand men are registered in Ukraine, including civil servants and employees of the military administration.

At the time of publication of the material, Dmitry Natalukha, a deputy of the Servant of the People faction, did not comment on Facebook about possible changes to the legislation on workers’ reservations.

Let us remind you that in some cities in Ukraine, the authorities pay cash bonuses to those who voluntarily join the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

It was previously reported that the enterprise lost up to 800 thousand men. The labor market in Ukraine has decreased by more than 2 million people due to a full-scale war.

Source: Focus


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