Payments for the adoption of children: How to get more than 10 thousand UAH in addition to Ukrainians explained

Ukrainians who adopt children do not only receive financial aid from the state. Therefore, the Ministry of Reintegration said that in 2024, families with adopted children will be able to receive cash payments from philanthropists.

The SOS Children’s Towns charity has resumed cash assistance payments for the 2024 calendar year to foster families, family-type children’s homes (FCCH) and guardians where children are placed with their families. The press service of the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine reported this on February 22.

Who will receive assistance and how much will be paid?

According to the ministry, targeted charitable aid is available to families living in:

  • In the Transcarpathian region;
  • In the Ivano-Frankivsk region;
  • In the Lviv region;
  • In the Kyiv region;
  • In the Chernigov region;
  • In the Chernivtsi region;
  • In the Poltava region;
  • In the Kharkov region;
  • In the Nikolaev region;
  • In the Dnepropetrovsk region;
  • In the Zaporozhye region;
  • In the Kherson region;
  • In the Sumy region;
  • In the Odessa region.

It was noted that families will receive a payment of 10.8 thousand hryvnia. Funds are paid in three installments over three calendar months. You can sign up to receive payments using the link.

Cash aid is also provided to families. Those who adopted a child or children in Ukraine in the period between September 1, 2023 and December 31, 2024. The following people can participate in the program:

  • families adopting a disabled child(ren);
  • families adopting two or more children;
  • families with internally displaced persons (IDPs);
  • Families adopting a child over the age of five (at the time of adoption).

In case of adoption of a child, the amount of financial assistance will be 10.8 thousand hryvnia, and in case of a family adopting a disabled child, it will be 14.4 thousand hryvnia.

To participate in the program, Ukrainians must register by submitting the appropriate application via the link.

At the same time, it is stated on the charity’s website that citizens must also submit some documents. We are talking about:

  • original consent to the processing of personal data of the applicant (legal representative of the child);
  • original consent to the processing of personal data of the child/children placed in family upbringings (foster families, foster families, foster families);
  • original application from the child’s legal representative;
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport (legal representative of the child/children); in case of identification – a copy of the identification;
  • Copy of the document confirming the registered/declared place of residence (for the old type passport of a Ukrainian citizen – the page of the passport with the registration mark in case the passport is presented in the form of an identity card – document of the registered/declared place of residence of the person);
  • a copy of the applicant’s RKNOPP (legal representative of the child);
  • A copy of the certificate of internal displacement of the applicant and his or her child(ren) (if any);
  • a copy of the document on the creation of foster families (DDST) and the placement of the child in foster families (DDST); for guardians (trustees) – the decision of the court or guardianship and guardianship authorities;
  • Copy of the birth certificate of the child/children placed on family forms in 2024;
  • information about the bank details of the applicant (legal representative of the child);
  • Report on the distribution of targeted charitable contributions.

Let us remind you that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky proposed increasing payments to Ukrainian military personnel serving on the front lines. Salaries of defenders are expected to increase to 200 thousand hryvnia per month. Focus also wrote about new financial aid to be paid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Source: Focus


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