The rental market froze: How real estate prices have changed in Ukraine

The most popular are affordable one-room and two-room apartments.

Due to the latest news from the front, interest in renting real estate has decreased, but tenants still prefer apartments in good condition on the lower floors. This was reported by with reference to data from the DIM.RIA market.

There was a temporary slowdown due to uncertainty in the apartment rental and sales market. The supply on the rental market has decreased significantly not only in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, such as Sumy (-77%), Poltava (-71%), Odessa region (-25%), but also in the west of Ukraine. country, Transcarpathian, Chernivtsi and even in the Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

At the same time, an increase in the number of advertisements was noticed in many areas. For example, while the number of advertisements increased by 50% in the Volyn region, this figure reached 41% in the Lviv region.

Also, the head of the Kiev branch of the Association of Real Estate Experts, Oksana Kovtun, told that the demand for rentals in the capital has decreased significantly in the last few weeks.

“The market has froze in recent weeks. People from the Kharkov region are usually looking for rental housing in May; Kiev residents are very rare,” the realtor emphasized.

The average cost of renting a one-room apartment in Kiev in April 2024 was 17,348 UAH, while in the region this figure was 9,976 UAH. According to DIM.RIA, housing costs in the capital decreased by 3 percent compared to March 2024.

Oksana Kovtun states that the most popular in Kiev are affordable one-room and two-room apartments. Every house whose price is below 8 thousand UAH quickly finds its buyer. There is also demand for high-quality renovated apartments, but prices here vary significantly not only depending on the region, but also on the type of building and the condition of the apartment.

“For example, a renovated two-room apartment in Borshchagovka can be rented for 14 thousand UAH, in Rusanovka in good condition – for 12 thousand UAH. This week a renovated three-room apartment in a new house in Podol was rented for 26. thousand UAH, and a two-room apartment of 90 square meters in Golosevo for 18 thousand UAH,” he said.

Let us recall that Dim.Ria real estate market experts analyzed rental periods equivalent to the cost of purchasing housing in various cities of Ukraine, including Kiev. Data on young people’s housing type preferences were also published.

Source: Focus


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