Another “indexation”: Some retirees will receive bonuses in 2024

Many retirees will receive one-time cash assistance until August 24, 2024.

It is known that pension indexation in Ukraine is carried out only once a year. However, in addition to recalculation, some pensioners are also entitled to receive a one-time individual payment allocated annually to individual holidays. This was announced by pension expert Sergei Korobkin in a comment to Channel 24.

According to him, a new indexation of pension payments is not foreseen until the end of this year.

In 2024, more than 10 million retirees in Ukraine were indexed in March. In general, increased pensions were received by retirees receiving pensions, law enforcement retirees, people receiving disability pensions, former scientists, civil servants, and local government employees.

“There is now only an increase in the index this year. There are also individual recalculations. For example, on Independence Day, veterans will be given a one-time payment for retirement.

According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers, one-time cash aid will be paid to war veterans until August 24, 2024:

  • people with disabilities due to war and concentration camps, ghettos, etc. who were recognized as disabled. former juvenile prisoners: Group I – 3,100 hryvnia, Group II – 2,900 hryvnia and Group III – 2,700 hryvnia;
  • participants in hostilities, wounded participants in the Revolution of Dignity and concentration camps, ghettos, etc. former minor prisoners, as well as children born in certain places of compulsory detention of their parents – 1,000 hryvnia each;
  • Persons with special services to the Motherland – 3,100 hryvnia;
  • Family members of deceased war veterans, spouses (husbands) of disabled persons who died due to war and who did not remarry, spouses (husbands) of deceased combatants, war participants and victims of Nazi persecution who were considered disabled persons during their lifetime. those who have not married for the second time due to general illness, work accident and other reasons – 650 hryvnia;
  • participants of wars and former concentration camps, ghettos, etc. prisoners, persons forcibly taken to forced labor, children of partisans, underground fighters and other participants in the fight against the National Socialist regime behind enemy lines – 450 hryvnia.

Moreover Focus He wrote that Ukrainians were buying foreign currency in record amounts. The growth of the exchange rate and the strengthening of devaluation expectations drew the attention of citizens to the foreign exchange market again, and therefore the number of customers in exchange offices increased.

Source: Focus


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