Tariffs for utilities continue to increase in Ukraine: how much will you have to pay?

While electricity prices increased the most with 69.7%, water and gas prices remained unchanged.

Tariffs for public services continue to increase in Ukraine. The biggest increase was in electricity, which increased by 69.7 percent. Since the beginning of June this year, the cost has been 4.32 hryvnia per kilowatt-hour. This tariff will be valid until May 1, 2025. This was reported by the State Statistics Service.

In addition, according to the State Statistics Service, prices for the following types of services have increased:

  • management services for apartment buildings – by 4.9%;
  • maintenance and repair of residential buildings – by 3.5%;
  • garbage collection – by 2%.

At the same time, tariffs for many products have not changed.

Water supply tariffs

Housing and communal services expert Oleg Popenko had previously commented on Channel 24 that a draft decision on changing water tariffs has already been developed, but it has not yet been adopted. According to the NEURC project, cold water suppliers were supposed to start the first phase of tariff increases on April 1 and the second phase on July 1.

In some regions, water supply prices have already changed. For example, in the Lvivvodokanal company, the subscription fee for water supply to residents without commercial meters increased by 38% to 19.63 hryvnia. The tariff for houses with meters installed increased by 6 percent, reaching 31.15 hryvnia.

Gas tariffs

Gas prices for residential consumers have remained unchanged in the last two seasons. Specifically, the cost of gas at the Naftogaz company, which currently serves 98% of consumers, is 7.96 hryvnia per cubic meter.

Let us remind you that the Pension Fund explains who will receive housing support and where it will be received.

PFU also said which Ukrainians have the right to receive assistance in paying for housing and communal services during the war.

Focus He also wrote that starting from May 1, subsidies will be allocated for the summer period in Ukraine. First-time applicants or those who belong to certain categories, such as internally displaced persons (IDPs) or renters, must apply for the FSP in person.

Source: Focus


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