Electricity tariff in Ukraine: is the price different for rural and urban areas?

The government was forced to increase the cost of electricity to household consumers.

The population of Ukraine pays a single tariff for electricity of 4.32 hryvnia per kilowatt. At the same time, water supply and sanitation costs can differ significantly in both large cities and small towns. This is stated in the material of the broadcast “Channel 24”.

The current electricity tariff in Ukraine is the same for both urban and rural residents.

As of June 1 of this year, all Ukrainians pay the same price for consumed kilowatts: 4.32 hryvnia. This tariff will be valid until April 30, 2025.

The government was forced to increase the cost of electricity for household consumers after nearly 80% of Ukraine’s energy facilities were destroyed or damaged by Russian missile attacks.

Electricity tariffs for consumers were also increased in the summer of 2023. As Deputy Minister of Energy Nikolai Kolesnik explained during the charity campaign, this decision was justified thanks to the restoration of 3 gigawatts of capacity.

How does the cost of water change?

In Ukraine, electricity tariffs are the same for all households, but the situation is different with water tariffs. Despite the fact that in accordance with the decision of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, tariffs for centralized water supply and sanitation for the population remain at the level set on February 24, 2022, an increase in the cost of water is observed in some cities in question.

Expert Christina Nenno told Channel 24 that the reason for this is that not all water utilities comply with the decisions of the National Commission, which determines water tariffs.

“If we are talking about small towns and villages that are on the NKREKP list but do not have large water facilities, then the local government can decide on the increase. But this must be economically justified,” the expert said.

Also on June 10, it became known that Ukrainians will be able to receive financial assistance for housing subsidies despite the fact that electricity prices have increased to 4.32 UAH/kWh, according to First Deputy Minister of Social Policy Daria Marchak. Therefore, anyone who has previously received such benefits will retain them.

Source: Focus


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