DTEK Akhmetova is preparing to build a new power plant with a capacity of 650 MW in the Poltava region

Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK company is going through the stage of obtaining all the necessary permits and documents for the construction of the Poltava wind power plant with a capacity of 650 MW. This was said in a statement.

“Wind energy has many strategic advantages – speed of construction, dispersion of turbines and ensuring the greatest production from early autumn to late spring. Therefore, it should become the basis for the revival of Ukraine’s energy potential in the coming years. In this regard, we continue our comprehensive preparations for the implementation of the Poltava Wind Power Plant project with a capacity of 650 MW,” said Oleg Solovey, Deputy General Manager of DTEK Renewable Energy.

The company also reported that a second weather mast was recently installed on the territory of the Globin community to conduct a wind monitoring campaign.

“Together with the first ones, they are the largest in Ukraine and have a height of 160 meters. The use of two meteorological masts is associated with the need to accurately evaluate key parameters such as wind flow directions and wind force since the wind farm. “It will be located in a very large area,” adds DTEK.

Ornithological research continues in parallel. Experts presented the company with an ornithological report for the six-month monitoring period of spring migration, confirming the correctness of the previous arrangement of wind turbines and their lack of impact on bird migration. Then ornithologists will conduct research on the autumn migration of birds near the promising wind farm.

At the same time, the company began communicating with land users regarding the allocation of land for further placement of five 330 kV substations and wind turbines.

Let’s remember that DTEK commissioned the first phase of the Tiligul wind power plant with a capacity of 114 MW, 100 km away from the front line, in 2023.

Also at the COP28 conference, DTEK and the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer Vestas signed a memorandum of understanding to complete the construction of the Tiligul Wind Power Plant in the Nikolaev region, the largest wind power plant in Eastern Europe. The total investment of the project exceeds 650 million euros and the installed power of the station will be 500 MW.

Source: Focus


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